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One of the most exciting times in a person’s life is making the decision to go on a backpacking adventure throughout the world. While the thought of going on an extended “working holiday” is incredible, packing for it can be quite the nightmare, simply because of the length of time you will be away for. To make things easier, here is a simple checklist to make packing easy!1. First off, start with a good backpack – this means a piece that can hold plenty and is versatile with various external pockets and clips for securing items such as sleeping bags or mats. The quality of the backpack is also very important as it will rarely be treated with a great amount of care.2. Consider where you are going – If you are going around the world and will be experiencing various seasons and climates, you will need to get used to having a limited wardrobe and one that is versatile and will last the distance. While you can always buy items of clothing on your travels, backpackers often live on limited funds; therefore it is better to pack smart. Some essential clothing items to include in your pack are:• 2 x T-shirts
• 2 x pairs of pants (quick drying, light-weight fabrics are best)
• For girls – 1 x wrap skirt/sarong (versatile and light weight)
• 2 x thermal undergarments (1 x top, 1 x pair of long johns)
• 1 x polar fleece (make it two if spending a lot of time in cold areas)
• 1 x beanie, 1 x pair of gloves, 1 x scarf
• 1 x swimsuit (be mindful of cultural sensitivity in certain countries)
• 6 x pairs of socks and the same of underwear (avoid white!)
• 1 x “going out” top (for guys this can be a polo or shirt)
• 1 x pair of light trail running shoes (hiking boots are bulky and heavy)
• 1 x pair of sandals (aka sports sandals – perfect for long walks in warmer climates)
• 1 x flip flops/thongs (great for the beach or just lazy days)3. Toiletries, while cheap at home, can be scarce and expensive in other parts of the world – the important items to make sure you pack are:• A small first-aid/medical kit – including lip balm, band-aids, anti-septic cream, anti-diarrhoea medicine, pain killers, a needle for blisters, alcohol based hand sanitiser, and soap in a container. (These are especially important if you are going to remote or underdeveloped areas)
• A wash kit – including shampoo, toothpaste and toothbrush (with cover) and deodorant.
• Sunscreen, nail clippers, tweezers, sanitary products for women and a travel washing line.
• If you are going with a friend, then a great idea is to share toiletries. There’s no point in the two of you lugging around exactly the same items!4. Electronics are important to remember – at a minimum take a camera and MP3 player with you (along with the relevant chargers/batteries). Some other options include:• A small laptop
• A calculator
• A small torch
• Interchangeable, international travel adaptors for these itemsBy following these tips, it’ll be a breeze packing, leaving you plenty of time to get excited about the journey ahead!

5 Travel Gift Ideas You Should Consider – Travel Backpacker

Do you plan to have travel gifts to your loved ones? In the retail industry, there are a lot of choices online and on also offline when it comes to travel presents that you can purchase. If you don’t have an idea on which product you should buy, this can be a difficult thing. This is exactly why a list makes a decision making a lot easier. What makes the decision making different is its functionality and overall price. Though this list may not be the most comprehensive out there, this can still give you a couple of perks. This list can enable your budget to remain intact while your loved ones happy.1. Laptop and tablet CoversEveryone needs to connect online. This simply makes traveling easier. It is easier to update your social media account when you have a laptop. One of the problems that a great number of travelers experience is the damages to their electronic gadgets. Though backpacks now have a compartment for laptops, it may not be enough to provide cushion to your gadget. If you prefer to have a tablet on the other hand, there are also those tablet covers that you can opt for.2. Compass and navigational mapA great number of travelers go for the outdoors. A reliable compass and a navigational map can keep them on track wherever they want to go. Do you think that a GPS is always reliable? Travelers who love the outdoors would go to places without an internet connection or a signal for their phone. This means that they have to rely on their map reading skills to stay on track.3. BackpacksWithout a handy backpack, traveling is never going to be as smooth as expected. Backpacks can secure an average of 32 liters worth of luggage. In fact, this can already accommodate your things if you opt to travel light. The characteristic of a travel backpack is that it should have water resistant property. There are also those back packs that have ergonomic designs that provide comfort on the user’s back. This can prevent injuries and even make it easier for the user to carry heavy loads.4. Passport CoversIf there is anything stressful about traveling it is losing or damaging your legal documents and ticket. You need to protect your return ticket, visa along with your passport. This is why the passport cover can be a practical option. In terms of cost, the passport cover is not really that expensive. In terms of practicality, it can come in handy at any given time. Passport covers can be a good gift to avoid losing all the important things that could guarantee your safe return.5. Fanny packsIf you are asking the big difference that a fanny pack can bring to a travel experience, it can easily safe keep your documents on your waist. This prevents your important documents from being misplaced. This can be a common problem especially when tourists do a lot of activities.Finding the right travel present can be difficult especially when you don’t have any idea on what to purchase. With these five options, you can already give the best functional gift to your loved ones. In terms of the cost of these travel gifts, it can keep your budget intact.